AN INTRODUCTION TO DNA    (adapted from ELLEN KAGIAROS, Hauppauge High School)


You will be introduced to the structure and function of DNA by viewing a website called DNA:  The instruction Manual for all Life.  After previewing this site, you will have a basic understanding of why DNA is called the "blueprint for life".


First Print this page.

Next connect to the internet and with the following link:     DNA Site

Then follow the sequenced questions below.  You must answer every question (by following the directions)  in order to receive the extra credit.  If you miss a question you have to go back and locate the answers in the next.  After you hand in this assignment, I will give you a brief quiz on what you learned.

HINT:  I would go through the DNA Website one time without the questions, try to learn what you can, and then go through the Website with the questions.

Sequenced Questions:

Click on the Next button.

1) What does DNA tell your body to do?   List three examples.




Click Next

2) How many copies of DNA instructions do you carry?

Click:   Take a closer look

3) You should now be at "A handful of DNA"
Keep track of how many time you had to zoom in, in order to see DNA

How many times did you zoom in?   ________

4) What is your skin made-up of?

5) where is DNA stored inside a cell?

6) What does the DNA inside the nucleus look like?

7) How long would the DNA in one cell be it if were stretched out?

8) When coiled, DNA looks like what shape

9) What are chromosome formed from

10) If you unraveled all your chromosome and laid out the DNA end to end, how far would it stretch

11) What shape does DNA have?

12) Who are the 2 scientist responsible for figuring out the structure of DNA?

13) Who really should have been given credit for identifying the structure of DNA?


15) To dissolve DNA, you could a add __________?

16) How many letter make-up the alphabet  of DNA?

17)  DNA is made up of 4 chemical called bases.  What are the letter we use to represent these bases?

18) What based always line up together?

19) What is the sequence of the DNA shown to you?

19b)   The order of the DNA bases is called the ____________. Just like the order of the letters in a sentence, the sequence of the bases in DNA can spell _______________ for your body -- even with only four letters.

20) How can scientists figure out the sequence of a pierce of DNA?

21) Have scientists sequenced every DNA base in a human cell?

22) How many phone books would be filled if we wrote down all the bases in one cell?

You should now be on a web page titled:  ETHICS

Directions:  A fictional scenario is presented to you.  Respond to the dilemma by first choosing who you would like to be:

a)   parent, doctor, judge, voter, patient

b)   State you response in 2 paragraphs.

c)  Select another person from letter a) above; and repeat the instructions in letter b) above.   {ie: you would have to write 4 paragraphs}