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Magnets, therapeutic magnets, have long been used against pain in joints and migraine headaches. When it comes to pain relief therapeutic magnets work better than "orthodox" medicine and they have no harmful side-effects. And the treatment is  low-cost.

Some people place small round magnets on their eyes daily and have experienced a
substantial improvement to their eye-sights. Others use Block or Brick Magnets to
magnetize their drinking water. They place the water-jug on the magnet and leave
it there for 2 or more hours, then the water is refrigerated. It will remain magnetized
for about 2 days. Magnet-insoles are used by people whose feet hurt and cramp.

We also carry magnet seat and back cushions for chairs and magnetized pillow inserts
and mattresses. Older people who endure rheumatic pains or arthritis and sit a lot
should purchase magnetic cushions for their chairs. We have had reports from
many that the pain subsides substantially. A magnetic mattress works in the same
way while you sleep, but it is more expensive than chair cushions.

Studies on humans and animals suggest that magnets speed up the healing of broken
bones, wounds and burns. In 1997, researchers at the Madras Institute of
Magnetobiology in India used pulsing magnetic fields on plantar ulcers in 40 people
with leprosy. After four weeks of treatment, the ulcers shrank at least 40 percent in 
89 percent of those receiving the magnetic therapy. A similar group of patients, 
receiving only standard care, experienced no improvement in their ulcers.

When using magnets applying the negative side toward the body is beneficial, but 
not the positive side. Therefore make sure to always have the negative pole

against the body. Why this is so scientists do not understand yet. It appears to
be related to the charge of the earth's magnetic field which is negative.  The use of magnets is based on ancient tradition and is now becoming very popular again. Magnets are not medical devices. A properly placed therapeutic  magnet does increase the blood flow and helps heal injured tissue.  Please, continue and you will find a section which explains the theory behind magnetic therapy. 

Therapeutic magnets come in various gauss strengths and shapes. They are 
being made available as body wraps and supports, beautiful jewelry, magnetic

insoles and foot supports, therapeutic magnetic matters pads and pillow pads,
magnetic cushions and magnetic blankets, face and eye masks and more. The
back wraps sought after  by those people who seek relief from chronic back pain.

In addition to therapeutic magnets you may want to consider the purchase of a 
magnetic water cleaning and softening system which requires no salt or chemicals.
Indispensable for people who suffer from high blood pressure and friendly to the 

With increasing gasoline prices a magnetic fuel system to decrease gas consumption
by 10 to 20% should also get your attention.

The magnetic products to which you are being introduced may be returned within30 days if you are not satisfied with them.

Does it not make sense to give magnets a try?


Many people do not understand therapeutic magnets and are suspicious. Over the years I have heard a fair number of people praise them so much that I felt it appropriate to help make them available to as many persons as show interest in them and find this website. I would like to share the following email with you:

To: <> 
Subject: I use magnets
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 17:39:22 -0700
I am Richard Ormond in Wingate, NC. I have been using magnets for about 14months.  I got sick 26yrs ago and was taking pills every day. My life has really changed.  I wish more people would understand how the magnets worked. If you would like to  e-mail me please do so.

Richard was kind enough to respond to my inquiry when I asked him if he was using the water unit.  Here is his answer:
My life has change so very much with the magnets. In answer to your question, yes,  I am using the water magnetizing unit and it works great. I also have the one for the  kitchen faucet. My wife and I can tell a different in the water. I would be very pleased  for you to use my message and my e-mail if you wish. Thank you for responding to my e-mail. Richard

Additional testimonials can be found at the main Doctor's Health Supply site which can be accessed through the Magnet Page above.



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