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Paper is one of the most versatile and important materials used in homes, schools, offices, and businesses throughout the world. Each day we enjoy the benefits of paper products from the newspaper we read in the morning; to the box that holds our cereal; to the paper we use for homework and business purposes; and the documents that mark the significant achievements of our lives.

Paper dates back over 2,000 years and hand-made production methods were used until the 19th century. The industrialization of the paper making process helped to bring education and books to a broad spectrum of people, and continued advances have resulted in better and more efficient products that meet our daily needs, while leaving a smaller footprint on our environment.


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  1. Why is it Important to Recycle Paper?

  2. How is Paper Recycled?

  3. The Facts About Paper and Paper Recycling

  4. What Can be Made From the Different Collected Paper Products?

  5. Close The Loop - Buy Recycled!

  6. What is Paper and How is it Made?

  7. The History of Paper

  8. Paper Recycling at School

  9. Paper Recycling In My Community

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