Dear Parents/Guardians,

For many of your children this will be the first time that they are exposed to Science as an everyday core subject.  It is my belief that parents are the most integral part of the learning partnership. Effective learning can be modeled as a triangle whose three sides are school, student, and the home. Just as a triangle needs its three sides, the educational partnership truly succeeds when each sides participates.

I believe that parents should become familiar with the learning expectations for their children. For science, the New York State Education Department publishes a guide entitled “Intermediate Science Core Curriculum Grades 5 – 8”.  Similar guides are also published by grade level for the other core subject areas, as well.   In addition to our interdisciplinary unit, our skills focused curriculum will explore a wide range of scientific disciplines in areas like chemistry, physics, energy, ecology, weather, and biology.

Once the standards are understood, the next step is to have a fair understanding amongst home, students, and school as to what exactly are the expectations for achievement in the classroom.  Teachers often accomplish this goal through the use of rubrics. Rubrics, in simplest terms, establish and document the criteria for Excellent, Good, and Average work. Rubrics also identify specific areas where work needs to be improved.   Please review and sign your child’s class rubric when he or she brings it home to you.

All of the documents mentioned above are available on our classroom website under the heading "For Parents". Our website is a "work in progress".  It contains more than just course and unit outlines, homework schedules, labs and research projects; it also serves as a springboard for further scientific inquiry, and advocacy for both education and the infusion of technology as a tool for learning.

 If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either through the school by phone, or directly via email at



 Jonathan Zimmerman


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