Infectious Disease Test Review

  1. How contagious is Ebola?
  2. How many germs did the US consider for biological weapons?
  3. Is anthrax contagious?  How?
  4. Is smallpox still spread today?
  5. Which two countries maintain supplies of smallpox?
  6. If you get Ebola, how much time do you have to live?
  7. When was smallpox eradicated as a disease?
  8. Which group of American was most affected by smallpox
  9. What army base does America use to test biological weapons?
  10. How can Ebola me contained?
  11. Can they find the original host of Ebola?
  12. Which group of people did not get smallpox?
  13. Who created the first vaccine?
  14. How are vaccine’s usually created?
  15. Where is the CDC located?
  16. Where is the WHO located?
  17. What is a patient zero?
  18. What is the kitwit handshake?
  19. What is the survival rate of Ebola
  20. What was the survival rate in the movie?
  21. What is the survival rate for the plague
  22. What is the mortality rate for smallpox?
  23. What is the mortality rate for Indians who get smallpox.
  24. Why could cause the higher mortality rate of Indians then the general population?
  25. What virus causes smallpox?
  26. Who was the star of Outbreak?
  27. How could terrorists conduct a Bio-terror attack?  By what methods?