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Article Review  Sheet:   You Must Attach a Copy of the Article !


Title of Article __________________________________


Author ________________________________________


Source ________________________________________


Date of Article __________________________________



New Vocabulary Words: Choose 1 word. 


1.)______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________



Rubric (& Directions) for Current Events:


  1. Fill out this sheet - Complete and attach the summary as outlined below
  2. Grammar and punctuation counts. 
  3. Plagiarism will result in a zero grade and a phone call home.
  4. 1 day late: ( 5 pt).  First week and each week  thereafter is (10 pt) per week.


You must attach a summary of your article:    (At least one typed page)


As an example the perfect paper would have at least 3 paragraphs as outlined below:



·        5 sentences on …       “a  summary of your topic’s  implications to society …or

                                            how it changes or improves our environment…or … how does

                                            it effect change and impact our SOCIETY”…


·        5 Sentences on…       “What does it mean to you…what is your opinion…why”