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Electricity is a type of activity arising from the existence of charge.  The protons charge is called positive while the electron's is negative.  Two particles with the same charges, both positive or both negative, repel or drive away each other, while two particles with unlike charges are attracted. .

Materials differ in their ability to allow electricity to flow through them.

Static Electricity

 When positive or negative charge builds up on objects, static electricity occurs. The charge can be built up by rubbing certain objects together. The friction between the objects causes electrons to be transferred from one object to the another. The object that has lost the electrons has a positive charge and the object act that has gained them has an equal negative charge. An electrically neutral object can be charged by bringing it in contact with a charged object: if the charged object is positive, the neutral object gains a positive charge when some of its electrons are attracted onto the positive object. If the charged object is negative, the neutral object gains a negative charge when some electrons are attracted onto it from the negative object. This may happen to a person when rubbing one's feet on a carpet and then touching an object and receiving an electrical shock.

Moving Electricity

Electrodynamics is the study of charges in motion. A flow of electric charge makes up an electric current. There are several things needed to complete an electrical circuit. There must be an

When a circuit is not completed because the electricity is diverted to a path of least resistance it is a short circuit. In a simple circuit there are two types of wiring.



Animated electric line

There are several basic units or measure with electricity.


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