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Clouds are collections of tiny water and/or ice particles in the air. Clouds close to the earth are called fog.

Clouds are created when water vapor in the air cools below the dew point and forms droplets on tiny particles in the air. This occurs when warm air is pushed upwards into the atmosphere and cools.

There are different types of clouds. Below is a chart of these types.

High Clouds

Cirrus - Generally made up of ice crystals, appear as feathery "horse tails"

Cirrostratus - a thin white layer of clouds.

Cirrocumulus - Fluffier high white clouds.

Intermediate Clouds

Altocumulus are thick, flattened layers of clouds

Altostratus - A thick gray layer of sometimes don't allow the sun or moon to appear.


Low Clouds

Stratocumulus - quite large fluffy cloud layers

Stratus - A continuous cloud layer.

Nimbo stratus - A continuous cloud layer that is dark and is seen on days of constant rain or snow.

Vertical Clouds

Cumulus - Huge fluffy clouds with a flat base bottom and piled up into the sky.

Nimbocumulus - Dark cumulus clouds seen during thunderstorms.

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