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Differentiate Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy? (Lesson Review)

  1.  What are two types of mechanical energy?

  2.  Define kinetic energy.

  3.  Define potential energy.

  4.  Compare gravitational potential energy to elastic potential energy.

  5.  Can something have both kinetic and potential energy at the same time?

Extended Learning Option:

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What are some other Energy types? (Lesson Review)

  1.  What are some common types of energy?

  2.  What is mechanical energy?

  3.  Where does your body get energy from?

  4.  Where do plants get their energy from?

  5.  What type of energy is produced when you rub hands together?

  6.  What is another word for heat energy?


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How does energy change form? (Lesson Review)

  1.  Can energy change from one form to another?

  2.  Where does a pendulum have the great amount of potential energy?

  3.  Where does a pendulum have the least potential energy?

  4.  How does "changes in energy" occurring in the body relate to body temperature?

  5.  Plants turn the  _____ energy of the sun, into what type of energy?

  6.  State the law of conservation of energy

  7.  Describe the changes in potential vs kinetic energy when shooting a basketball.  


Extended Learning Option:  The Roller Coaster


Roller Coaster #1 Roller Coaster #2
Roller Coaster #3

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For Online Quiz on Energy Conversions


What are fossil fuels?   (Lesson Review)

  1.  Where do fossil fuels come from?

  2.  What are some petroleum products?

  3.  Where does the original emery of fossil fuels come from.

  4.  What energy conversions take place in the formation of fossil fuels.

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