Mr. Z's Properties of Matter:  Daily Internet Homework         


What are the properties of Matter?:   (Lesson Review)
  1.  Matter is anything that has  ____ and takes up ______.
  2.  Characteristics used to describe an object are called  ________.
  3.  What are the four basic properties of matter?
  4.  Define the work chemistry?
  5.  Weight is a measure of what?
  6.  The amount of matter per unit of volume is called _______ .
  7.  What is the difference between mass and weight?
  8.  Density is calculated as Mass/Volume. What is the density of a cubic block where each side is 2 cm and weighs 12 g?

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What are the Phases of matter of Matter?  (Lesson Review)

  1. Define a solid
  2. Define a liquid
  3. Define a gas
  4. Which state of matter has the most energy?
  5. Which state of matter has the most particle vibration?
  6. What is the difference between the states of matter?

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What are changes of state?  Lesson Review    
  1. What are the three phases of matter?
  2. Describe a solid, liquid, and a gas in terms of particle vibration and thermal energy.
  3. What phase of matter is air?
  4. Classify the state of matter of the following:  rain, seltzer, air, helium, salt, sugar.

What is the change of state diagram?   Lesson Review  
  1. For each of the following words  describe the changes in vibration  which cause           freezing, melting, condensation, and evaporation.
  2. How is evaporation similar to boiling?  How are they different?
  3. Why does water disappear off of the street after it stops raining?
  4. What phase change allows us to make ice-cream?
  5. DRAW a phase change diagram and label its relevant points.

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What are physical and chemical changes?   Lesson Review  


  1. What is the difference between a physical change and a chemical change?
  2. Are volume and density chemical properties?
  3. Iron rusting is an example of a _____ change.
  4. Water freezing is and example of a ______ change.
  5. Mixing vinegar and baking soda produces carbon dioxide, what type of change is that?
  6. Are these physical or chemical changes:  Match burns, glass breaks, iron rusts, ice melts, stretching a rubber band, stretching Mr. Z's patience, crushing a sugar cube, putting sugar in water