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Do You have your Z-Notes?   A Z-Note is an outline of the notes that you should be taking in class.   To help improve your note taking skills print out the Z-Notes, and fill them out while we review the AIM in class! 

Mr. Z's Scientific Method Unit:        Z-Notes       Work-Sheets

What is the Scientific Method?      Lesson Review
  1. What are the seven steps of the scientific method?

How do we develop a good hypothesis?   LESSON REVIEW

  1.  Is the hypothesis a prediction?
  2.  Is the hypothesis a conclusion?
  3.  Must a hypothesis be testable to be accurate?
  4.  If you wanted to study the effect of "payload" on gas mileage for the trucking industry ... What might make a good hypothesis to test?

What are variable?   LESSON REVIEW      LESSON REVIEW #2
  1.  What is a control group?
  2.  What is a control variable?
  3.  What is the difference between an independent variable and a dependent variable?
  4.  What is the difference between a manipulated variable and a responding variable?
  5.  Why must variables be controlled in an experiment?

 Sponge Bob Variables Worksheet


 Sponge Bob Experiments Worksheet



 For a Sample Quiz !


What is an operational definition? LESSON REVIEW
  1.  Why are GOOD operational definitions important in science?
  2.  What do GOOD operational definitions help to clarify?
  3.  What does ambiguity mean?
  4.  What does vague mean?

How do you interpret data? LESSON REVIEW
  1.  What does extrapolate mean
  2.  What does interpolate mean?
  3.  How are both of the above terms related to interpreting data?
  4.  What are observations and measurements in an investigation called?


What are GOOD scientific conclusions? LESSON REVIEW
  1.  What does the word conclusion mean?
  2.  Should your conclusion be based upon you data?
  3.  Can your conclusion disagree with your hypothesis?
  4.  What should your conclusion always refer back to?

What if my results contradict my hypothesis? LESSON REVIEW


  Graphing Problem & Drawing Conclusion


Scientific Method Online Tutorial   Click Here


For a Multiple Choice Test Review