Mr. Z's Daily Internet Homework                                

Do You have your Z-Notes?   A Z-Note is an outline of the notes that you should be taking in class.   To help improve your note taking skills print out the Z-Notes, and fill them out while we review the AIM in class!                                    
Introduction to Mr. Z's Class         

 Z-Notes (pdf)             


What are Mr. Z's Expectations?    (lesson Review)

  1. What are some rules of Mr. Z's classroom
  2. IQ must be done in _____ _______.
  3. WS stands for _____ ______.
  4. If you do only 1/2 of the WS or IQ, you get _____ credit

What is a Rubric?  (lesson Review)
  1. What does supportive rationale mean?
  2. If Mr. Z grades your paper and writes SR, what does that mean?
  3. If Mr. Z grade your paper and writes FS, what does that mean?
  4. Is grammar and spelling and neatness important in our class?
  5. What information does a rubric provide teacher, parents and students?

    6. How many extra credits can you do in a marking period to raise your grade?


What is some common lab equipment?  (lesson review)
  1. What is used to pour liquid.?

  2. What is used to measure length?

  3. What is used to measure mass?

  4. What is used to measure weight?

  5. What is used to measure volume?

  6. What is the difference between the flask and the beaker?

  7. Which is larger:  the test tube holder or the tongs?


What are the rules of the laboratory?  (lesson review)

  1. Why do we have rules in the laboratory?

  2. Why don't we add water to acids?

  3. Why are sandals not permitted in the lab?

  4. How do you "smell" the contents of a test tube?

  5. What is Mr. Z most important rule of the lab?

  6. Why is it a bad idea to eat/drink in the lab?


How to Write a Lab Report  (lesson review)

  1. The suggested solution to a lab is called.
  2. The hypothesis is either proven _____ or _____.
  3. How does the student write lab materials on the lab report.
  4. Observations can be either d----------s-------;  data written in a d--- t----; or can be p--------.
  5. In the analysis section, the student should try to make a g----.
  6. The conclusion section of the lab should be written in at least _____

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