Mr. Z's Daily Internet Homework                                

Do You have your Z-Notes?   A Z-Note is an outline of the notes that you should be taking in class.   To help improve your note taking skills print out the Z-Notes, and fill them out while we review the AIM in class! 

CLASSIFICATION and DICHOTOMOUS KEYS      Znotes       Lab Sheets


What is Classification?  LESSON REVIEW  


  1. What is a 2-group classification system?

  2. What is a 3-group classification system?

  3. What is a 2-tier classification system.

  4. What does "tier" mean?

What is a Dichotomous Key?   LESSON REVIEW   

  1. What is a dichotomous key?

  2. Why do we classify things?

  3.  Why do scientists classify things?

  4. How many animals should be left in your last box in a D-Key?

  5. Characteristics are based upon ______ and not _______ .