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Mr. Z's Scientific Skills Unit:     

   Science Skills Znotes


What is Observing?   LESSON REVIEW

  1.  What does the term objective mean?

  2.  What does the term bias mean?

  3.  Contrast the term quantitative observation with qualitative observation.

  4.  What are the five senses used in making observations?

  5.  What are the five tips for making good observations?

What is inferring?   LESSON REVIEW

  1.  What is meant by a  reasonable versus an unreasonable inference?

  2.  What must you combine with your observations when making an inference?

  3.  Can an observation have more then once correct reasonable inference?

  4.  What are some tips for making good inferences?

  5.  If you discovered a fossil of an animal with very long legs, what might you infer? Why?

What is predicting?   LESSON REVIEW 1

  1.  What does observation mean?

  2.  What does inferring mean?

  3.  What is a prediction?

  4.  What is the difference between a general and a specific prediction?

  5.  Predictions can often be based on  "t______" or "p______".

  6.  What should you do if your prediction ends up false?

What is predicting?   LESSON REVIEW II

  1. What is an interpolation?

  2. What is an extrapolation?

  3. The best way to organize data is in a D--- T-----.

  4. The best way to analyze data, and to make predictions based on your data, is to g---- your data.

What are models?  LESSON REVIEW

  1. Models are usually drawn to ____ ?

  2. What does the term drawn to scale mean?

  3. What is the difference between a 2d and 3d model?  What does the d stand for?

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