Research Report:

Project One:
Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment

Project Two:
Listed below are various topics in Ecology.  Our project is to prepare a written report on Global Warming (the Greenhouse Effect), Acid Rain, Hazardous Waste/Solid Waste Disposal, Ozone Depletion.

Each student is responsible for  ALL the subjects above
Your written report should comply with the guidelines established by the rubric for both this project (see below) and the general class rubric.
Typed reports receive extra points
Additional credit will be given for presentation which utilize powerpoint, visual (collages, mobiles, posters), or oral presentations.

Global Warming Questions: (click web site below)

What is global Warming

What does it have to do with climate and weather

What is the green house effect

What is the climate system?

What is the history of climate?

How do we study the climate?

Can we change the climate?

What is your Conclusion?

 Global Warming

Acid Rain Questions: (click web site below)

What is acid rain and what causes it?

How do we measure acid rain?

What are acid rain's effects?

How do we reduce acid rain?

 EPA Site on Acid Rain

Ozone Depletion Questions: (click web site below)

What is the ozone layer and why is it important?

How does ozone depletion occur?

How do we know that natural sources are not responsible for ozone depletion?

What is being done about ozone depletion?

Is there general agreement among scientists on the science of ozone depletion?

Will the ozone layer recover? Can we make more?

Can we make more ozone to fill in the hole?

What Can Individuals Do?

 Ozone Depletion

Reducing Solid Wastes Questions:  (click web site below)

The problem is too much trash
Source Reduction:  A Basic Solution
Making Source Reduction Work
The Four Basic Principles
The Twelve Tips
 Reducing Solid Wastes

Other Website Resources:

  Understanding the Greenhouse Effect:

  Global Warming

 More on Global Warming!

 Acid Rain

Downloard Mr. Zimmerman's Powerpoint Presentation on Acid Rain

  EPA Global Warming Site:

 Rubric for Grading Ecology Project:

AVERAGE to Below Avg.
Complies with class rubric for labs as established by class rubric
always complies
(refer to that rubric)
usually complies
(refer to that rubric)
sometimes complies
(refer to that rubric)
Topic Questions
answered in depth
answered from website
incomplete answers
Visual Presentation
covers at least two topics
covers at least 1 topic
sloppy, incomplete, missing
Quiz on Unit
demonstrates understanding of ALL topics
demonstrates understanding of their topics but not all topics
does not demonstrate an understanding of the topics