In this activity, you'll gather online data about normal temperatures for the climate where you live. You'll also go online to get daily weather conditions near your town. Then you'll compare the weather to climate data for the same area. Most people listen to the radio or watch TV to get weather forecasts. Today, you can even get weather forecasts from the Internet. Do you really need weather forecasts? If you know the climate where you live, can you predict tomorrow's weather?

Through this lab you will be able to:
1.     Read a table to collect and record actual temperature data.                                           
2.     Plot temperature normals and daily temperature data on a line graph.                            
3.     Calculate mean temperatures.                                                                                        
4.     Compare daily and climatic temperature data.                                                                 
5.     Draw conclusions about the usefulness of climate data in predicting weather.

Step One:  (Read all the directions before you start!)    

Print Three Data Sheets:

Work Sheet #1

Work Sheet #2

Work Sheet #3

Step Two:

Log on to the Following Web Site and Follow the directions:

MY Weather Lab