HURRICANE ON LINE LAB:                                                                                          GLOSSARY

This on-line lab contains 5 parts:

  1. Parts I, II, III, and IV require the student to answer questions about hurricanes using the provided worksheets.  The answers to the questions are contained in the websites which are listed under each part .

  2. FOR PART V:  You are required to print the map provided and plot the daily locations of two hurricanes while answering the questions on the worksheet  

Part I :     What is a Hurricane?

Complete the Worksheet and Puzzle using the following links.
Read this article:  Sever Weather: Hurricanes  
Answer this worksheet:   Worksheet
Extra-Extra Credit Puzzle!    Puzzle    (not required)

Part II :     Naming Hurricanes:  


Complete the Worksheet using the following links.

Read this article:   Naming Hurricanes:
Answer this worksheet    Hurricane Names Worksheet


Part III:   Measuring  Hurricanes:
View the interactive tutorials, the complete the Worksheet using the following  links.
Read these articles:  Safir-Simpson 
Compete the worksheet:   Worksheet


View these two tutorials on Storm Surge:   Storm Surge      Storm Surge II


Part IV:   Life Cycle of a Hurricane:  

Complete the Worksheet using the following links.
Read these articles:   Origin and Life Cycle
Compete the worksheet:   Worksheet

Part V:   Mapping of Hurricanes:   

Complete the Worksheets using the following links:


Compete the worksheet: Latitude/Longitude Review Worksheet: Worksheet
Next, print this map.   Print this Map . . .
Then complete the following worksheet about Hurricanes Elisabeth and Morrow.   Hurricanes Elisabeth and Morrow

 T h e    E n d