Mr. Z's Lab Page



For Mr. Z's  Introductory Unit                    

Scientist Poster Project       (Inventor List)  


Wet Money I      Wet Money Example          Wet Money II


Good Ice Breakers



For Mr. Z's  Metric  Measuring Unit        

Part I:  Measuring Length


Length Measurement     Help on This Lab


Measuring Your Wrist



Part II:  Area   (none)


Part III: Volume


Volume of a Regularly Shaped Object

Volume of Irregular Solids

Volume of a Juice box

Volume of Reg and Irreg Shaped Objects





Part IV: Mass & Weight


How to Use a Balance          Tutorial Ohaus on line Tutorial
Mass of Water I Ohaus on line Tutorial (written)

 Mass of Gum

Determining Mass

Finding Mass Various Pennies

Mass of a Known Quantity of Water II


Part V: Measuring Temperature

Measuring Temperature


Part VI:  Review

 Gummy Bear Lab         Measurement Proficiency       Measuring Length and Conversions




For Mr. Z's Scientific Skills Unit

Making a 2D Model of our Classroom      Graph Paper




For Mr. Z's Graphing Unit   

Bacteria Growth: 


Graphing Lab
Graphing Gas Behavior: Balloon Graph






For Mr. Z's Scientific Method Unit                          


Ketchup Lab Paper Towel Lab
Tootsie Roll Lab:   Asking Questions Tootsie Roll Lab Part II: using the SM method
Soaring Straws Lab                                      
Cross Word Puzzle Word Find


Concluding Exercises

Fleming Problem Solving



For Mr. Z's Egypt Unit                                   

Egypt Friction #1  

Egypt Overcoming Friction:   Rollers

Egypt Overcoming Friction:  Wax Paper

Egypt Overcoming Friction:  Lubricants Inclined Plane
Sneakers and Friction 

Introduction to Pulleys

Introduction to Levers I  



 For Mr. Z's Intro to Energy Unit 


Pendulum LAB #1 Pendulum LAB #2
Come Back Can Mike D's Amazing Steel Wool Lab

Easy Sound Lab

Other Labs:  

Roller Coaster

Van DeGraff Demos




 For Mr. Z's  Intro to Heat  Unit                    

Convection Lab 1 Pie-Pan Convection Air is a Fluid
Preliminary Exercise    

For Mr. Z's  Intro to Waves  Unit     


Pasco 1:  heating Ice

Pasco 2:  Reflection

Pasco 3:  Refraction

Pasco 4:  Concave/Convex


For Mr. Z's  Ecology Unit     



Living Space Lab

Adaptation- The Peppered Moth
Adaptation of Zimanimals: Playing Cards Estimating Populations #1: Random Sampling of Kidney Beans
Saving Water- Estimating Your Usage   Measuring Water Usage
Measuring Energy Usage The Owl Class Experiment

Limiting Factors:  Radish Seeds Control vs. Experimental Groups

Limiting Factors:  Peppers

Acid Rain Chemical Concentration (parts per billion)
The Utility Game  

Money for the Utility Game

Terrarium Ecosystem The Three R's !  Recycle, reduce, reuse




For Mr. Z's  Chemistry Unit    


Alka Seltzer


Flame Test:  Alka vs. Efferdent Fun With Pennies
Flaming Coffee Creamer

Simple Endothermic

Invisible Ink Red, White, and Blue
Salt Conductivity Vinegar and Baking Soda
Salt Lava Lamp  
Other Labs:  

Rainbow Lab

pH Scales Lab
Sugar and Acid Weathering Lab
Paraffin Phase Change Physical vs Chemical Demos
More Alka-Seltzer Labs:  
Alka-Seltzer:  Change in Mass? Alka-Seltzer:  What is THAT Gas?
Testing Antacids - Advanced  



Mr. Z's Making Crystals Page



For Mr. Z's  Electricity Unit    


Resistance Demo with Generators

Magnetic Field with Magnet

Circuit Lab  






For Mr. Z's Classification Unit

Introduction to Classification Worksheet

Classification Exercise:  Introduction

Dichotomous Key: Using Cars

Dichotomous Key:  Using Animals

Dichotomous Key:  Using Animals #2 The Cerealites !
Classification of Aliens Triangulars



For Mr. Z's Waves Unit

Dominoes and the Speed of Sound:  







For Mr. Z's Bunsen Burner Unit

How to Use a Bunsen Burner #1: Bunsen Burner #2:  Boiling Water
Bunsen Burner #3:  Soda Cans

Bunsen Burner #4:  Temp. of a Flame  




 For Mr. Z's  Density Unit        


Density Column Patriotic Density Column  
Density Cubes Density Bars Density Cylinders


Density of Blocks Density of Water 
Density of Fishing Weights Lab Density of Calcium Carbonate Chips
Analyzing the Density of Various Liquids Calculating the Density of Various Liquids
Density Tube Density of Water Balloons
Density Canisters 1    Density Canisters 2
Calculating Density PowerPoint Density Blocks:         Density of Aluminum Bars
Gummy Bear Lab Spaghetti Density - the Dancing Pasta




For Mr. Z's  Microscope Unit   


Microscope Parts Review   Detailed Microscope Lab 
Microscope Parts Worksheet #1 Four Microscope Mini Labs
Microscope Fill-in Worksheet #2   Microscope Pond Water Lab
How to Use the Microscope Video Microscope Interactive Tudor
Joelle explains the Microscope Video
Mr. Zim explains how to use the Microscope Video


 For Mr. Z's  Weather Unit   

For Mr. Z's  Physics Unit

Egg Physics Spinning Eggs


Balloon Races:  Newton's 1st Law


Blast Off Film Cannister Rockets



 For Mr. Z's  Intro to Plate Tectonics Unit                    

THE GEOLOGY OF ICELAND Lab Plotting Earthquakes
Fossil Id Fossils DBQ
/Lab Plotting Volcanoes. Identifying Minerals





For Mr. Z's  Current Event's Project

Current Events Project



For Mr. Z's  Citizenship Unit  

Pass the Compliments

Educating Peter



 For Mr. Z's  Hurricane & Longitude/Latitude Unit 

Hurricane Lab

Unedited Hurricane Unit


CLICK HERE   Interactive Graphic for Storm Surges


CLICK HERE   Interactive Graphic for Hurricane Intensity

CLICK HERE    Interactive Graphic for Current Hurricane   

 CLICK HERE   Interactive Graphic for PRIOR Hurricanes  (AWESOME)


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