Earth Science Worksheets
from Glencoe/McGraw-Hill's Earth Science

Chapter 1 Worksheets: The Nature of Science
What is Earth Science?
Applying Science
Solving Problems
Measurement and Safety
Chapter 2 Worksheets:  Matter and Its Changes
Combinations of Atoms
Energy from Atoms
Chapter 3 Worksheets:  Minerals
Mineral Identification
Uses of Minerals
Uses of Titanium
Chapter 4 Worksheets:  Rocks
The Rock Cycle
Igneous Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks
Burning Waste Coal
Chapter 5 Worksheets:  Views of Earth
Mapping Our Planet
Chapter 6 Worksheets:  Weathering and Soil
Land Use and Soil Loss
Chapter 7 Worksheets:  Erosional Forces
Developing Land Prone to Erosion
Chapter 8 Worksheets:  Water Erosion and Deposition
Surface Water
Water Wars
Ocean Shoreline
Chapter 9 Worksheets:  Earthquakes
Forces Inside Earth
Earthquake Information
Destruction by Earthquakes
Living on a Fault
Chapter 10 Worksheets:  Volcanoes
Volcanoes and Earth's Moving Plates
Energy from Earth
Eruptions and Forms of Volcanoes
Igneous Rock Features
Chapter 11 Worksheets:  Plate Tectonics
Continental Drift
Seafloor Spreading
Theory of Plate Tectonics
Before Pangaea, Rodinia
Chapter 12 Worksheets:  Clues to Earth's Past
Extinction of Dinosaurs
Relative Ages of Rocks
Absolute Ages of Rocks
Chapter 13 Worksheets:  Geologic Time
Evolution and Geologic Time
Present-Day Rapid Extinctions
Early Earth History
Middle and Recent Earth History
Chapter 14 Worksheets:  Atmosphere
Earth's Atmosphere
Energy from the Sun
Movement of Air
Chapter 15 Worksheets:  Weather
What is Weather?
Weather Patterns
Forecasting Weather
Changing the Weather
Chapter 16 Worksheets:  Climate
What is Climate?
Climate Types
Climatic Changes
How Can Global Warming Be Slowed?
Chapter 17 Worksheets:  Ocean Motion
Ocean Water
Ocean Currents
Ocean Waves and Tides
Tapping Tidal Energy
Chapter 19 Worksheets:  Our Impact on Land
Population Impact on the Environment
Using the Land
Should Recycling Be Required?
Chapter 20 Worksheets:  Our Impact on Air and Water
Air Pollution
Acid Rain
Water Pollution
Chapter 21 Worksheets:  Exploring Space
Radiation from Space
Light Pollution
Artificial Satellites and Space Probes
The Space Shuttle and the Future
Chapter 22 Worksheets:  The Sun-Earth-Moon System
Planet Earth
Earth's Moon
Exploration of the Moon
Chapter 23 Worksheets:  The Solar System
The Solar System
The Inner Planets
Mission to Mars
The Outer Planets
Chapter 24 Worksheets:  Stars and Galaxies